Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

If you suffer from the negative effects of tooth loss, you likely seek a tooth replacement solution that you can trust. A dentist can provide eligible patients with dental implants to replace one, several, or entire arches of teeth if needed. These fixed prosthetic teeth can restore your smile without extra maintenance.

Though the advantages of this treatment are clear, some people might worry about how implants affect long-term oral health goals. They might wonder if dental implants can last for a lifetime. Read on to learn more about the longevity of implant dentistry and the restorative dental benefits you can expect from this treatment.

Do Dental Implants Last Forever

How Long Will Dental Implants Remain in My Smile?

Dentists refer to dental implants as a permanent tooth replacement solution. This is because the implant relies on a surgically inserted anchor within the jaw which fuses with the bone there. It supports prosthetic teeth, and once the fusion process occurs, it cannot be undone.

The anchor of the implant can then restore your smile for twenty years or as long as a lifetime with proper care. You cannot remove these fixed devices without help from your dentist. Contact your dentist if you notice any discomfort or ill-fitting effects in your implants, as this could negatively impact your treatment.

How Can I Maximize Benefits from Implant Dentistry?

A dentist will evaluate your oral health to ensure you have enough stable jawbone and gum tissue to sustain the dental implant fixture before you pursue this treatment. This ensures you will see successful results from this procedure, though, on rare occasions, an implant might fail. This occurs when fusion does not occur properly, and the implant gets infected or fits loosely.

You can prevent this issue by continuing good oral habits, including practicing proper oral hygiene. Stave off gum disease and cavities by keeping your teeth clean by brushing your teeth and flossing regularly.

These dental problems can hurt your smile. And the changes they may cause can affect the fit of your dental work. Seek preventative dental care to ensure your dental implants last for as long as possible and function as well as they should.

Are There Drawbacks to Permanent Tooth Replacement?

Many people appreciate the fixed and enduring nature of dental implants. You do not have to worry about replacing your devices or the appliances slipping out of place at an inopportune moment.

But some dental patients would prefer a removable tooth replacement like dentures. These appliances offer flexibility in that patients can take out the dentures when not needed. And they are more affordable and therefore accessible for many people.

Implant dentistry also does not yield immediate results. You will need three or more visits to the dentist’s office over the course of several months to fully receive the implants. But the results provide lasting and highly effective benefits that make it worth any hassle. Ask your dentist about what you can expect from implants in your unique case.