Gum Lift & Crown Lengthening Plano, TX

Gum Lift & Crown Lengthening in Plano, TX

Many people don’t realize how important the gums are to the appearance of their smiles. Some patients have too much gum tissue covering their teeth, resulting in a “gummy smile”. Another cause for a gummy smile could be teeth that have worn down, making them appear short or flat.

Gum Lift & Crown Lengthening in Plano, TX

Correcting a “gummy smile” is considered a cosmetic procedure and is more for patients who are unhappy with their smile. When a gum lift is done in a non-aesthetic zone and for functional purposes, it is typically called a crown lengthening procedure.

Sometimes dentists perform a crown lengthening to prepare a tooth for a dental crown. If a tooth breaks off at the gum line or if a filling falls out with decay underneath, a dentist will need to expose more of the tooth in order to fix it.

A gum lift is a cosmetic procedure that involves remodeling the gums to remove excess gum tissue and expose more of the teeth. Sometimes some of the underlying bone is also removed to help expose more of the tooth. It is a fairly simple and common surgical procedure that Dr. Dean will do at his Plano, TX periodontist office.

Dr. D Bradley Dean is a periodontist in Plano, TX that offers treatment options for these patients to improve the appearance of their smile and restore their mouth to proper health and balance.

Gum Lift & Crown Lengthening Process

The first thing you will need to do is schedule a consultation with Dr. Dean so he can thoroughly examine your oral health, medical history, and x-rays. He may recommend that you get a teeth cleaning before the procedure

The next appointment will be your surgery. Dr. Dean will use local anesthesia for your comfort. The time your surgery takes will depend on how many teeth you will have treated. Even if Dr. Dean is only treating one tooth, he will typically also treat the adjacent teeth so the gums are reshaped gradually. If both tissue and bone are removed, that will increase the length of surgery.

Dr. Dean will make a small incision around the soft tissue in order to separate the gums from the teeth. This will give him access to the roots and bone. Some of the time, he will only need to cut away a small amount of tissue to provide enough tooth exposure. Other times, he may need to remove a small amount of bone. After the procedure, your teeth will appear instantly longer.

If the teeth are worn by teeth grinding or other dental problems, Dr. Dean can work with your general dentist to apply restorations such as veneers, dental crowns, or tooth bonding to increase length and improve symmetry of teeth.

Post Treatment Care

Dr. Dean believes constant patient communication is extremely important to achieving the best results. We will listen to and address your concerns, prioritizing your comfort and well-being throughout the process of your treatment. Patients may experience sensitivity following their gum surgery. We recommend sticking to soft foods for the first few days. When it comes to brushing and flossing teeth, patients should be especially gentle. If you are experiencing and swelling, bleeding, or severe pain, contact our Plano, TX office.

Gum Lift & Crown Lengthening FAQs

How long does it take for gums to heal after crown lengthening?

The stitches will last for about 7 to 10 days. After this time they will fall out, or we will remove them. The next step is for the gums to heal, which takes around 3 months. It’s crucial to hold off on any additional work until the gums have fully recovered.

How painful is crown lengthening recovery?

Within a week or so, post-operative pain will go away, although some patients report sensitivity to heat and cold in the weeks that follow the procedure. The sensitivity to heat and cold will gradually go away on its own, however, some people claim that this sensation lasts until there is a prosthesis in place.

What food can I have after crown lengthening?

Continue eating soft foods and chewing away from the surgical site.  Chew on the side opposite your surgery and only consume things that are soft enough to cut with a fork. Also, patients should never bite directly into something if they have had crown lengthening on their front teeth.

Is sensitivity common after crown lengthening? 

It is normal to experience slight sensitivity after a crown lengthening procedure. As your gums heal, sensitivity will dissipate. The most common time patients experience sensitivity is when drinking hot or cold beverages as temperature impacts your gums heavily during the first few days after a lengthening procedure.

Do you get stitches after crown lengthening?

You’ll have dissolvable sutures that dissolve naturally after 4-6 days or you’ll have silk sutures that we’ll remove when we see you in our office again. The tissue in the surgical area will be painful for a few days, however, it is essential to keep the area clean.

What do gums look like after crown lengthening?

Within the first few days, the gums may seem red from inflammation, however, this is a normal stage of the healing process. Some bleeding could occur in the first few hours after your crown lengthening operation, but patients should keep in mind to call our office if the bleeding continues or worsens.

Read our specific instructions on post-operative care after a gum lift/crown lengthening procedure here.

Are you ready to take the next step in improving your gum health? Schedule a gum lift or crown lengthening procedure with Dr. Dean by calling (972) 666-1594 or requesting an appointment online.