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Wearing dentures often makes people appear older than they actually are. The success of conventional solutions depends largely on the amount of residual bone and soft tissue. Dentures by themselves do not function like natural teeth.

There’s good news, though! Modern dentistry has solutions to suit your needs. Dr. Dean offers implant denture solutions that make it possible to eat, talk, and laugh in an uninhibited way.

There are two types of implant dentures

1) Removable Over Dentures

Removable overdentures are traditional dentures that fit over dental implants. Your dentist will anchor them over conventional implants or over a bar connected to conventional implants.

These dentures are removable and you will have to take them out for cleanings. We suggest removing them after meals and at night for cleanings. You treat these dentures like regular dentures.

Removable tooth replacement on implants: A removable prosthetic that your dentist will secure on two or more implants using anchors, which retain the appliance in a very secure way. Largely functions and appears like natural teeth.

Removable denture using a bar: The bar serves as a supporting element for a removable prosthesis and two or more implants will support it. The appliance attaches to the bar to provide secure retention.

2) Non-Removable Fixed Dentures

Non-Removable Fixed Dentures are another option. We also refer to these dentures as hybrid dentures or fixed detachable dentures. The dentures can be made of regular strength.

A fixed denture stays in the mouth all the time. You treat them like natural teeth. Brush and floss them daily. These types of implant-retained dentures are anchored by five or more dental implants per jaw.

The Non-Removable Fixed Denture replacement teeth are classified as permanent (non-removable) though the dentist can take them out if necessary. A fixed detachable gives the patient the best function next to natural teeth.

Fixed implant-supported bridge: consists of four or more implants. Your dentist will attach the prosthesis firmly to the dental implants and the gum remains free.

All-on-4 Implants in Plano

All-on-Four dental implants in Plano TX

The All-on-4 dental implant treatment concept was developed to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. Since you will need few implants, the cost will be lower. We will use special implants and anchor them at an angle. This will improve support and stability.

There are several parts of the All-on-4 dental implant process. For eligible candidates, your dentist will complete the surgery in one day, but the procedure will be done in as few as two appointments.

Learn more about the All-on-four dental implants process here.

Denture Implants FAQs

How long does it take to get used to implant dentures?

Your mouth may need a few weeks to adjust to your implant-supported dentures. There may be some pain during the adjustment period. We recommend that patients stick to a diet of soft foods that don’t need a lot of chewing to reduce the soreness and get accustomed to eating with their new restoration.

Do implant-supported dentures look natural?

Dentures supported by implants function like natural teeth while providing a natural appearance. Implant dentures look exactly like natural teeth, which often gives patients confidence back in their smiles. Patients can also take comfort in knowing that their dentures are secured in place and have a stable foundation.

Is it hard to eat with denture implants?

Unlike traditional dentures, which only allow patients to retain 20% of their chewing capacity, implant-supported dentures allow patients to keep 90% of their chewing ability. With implant-supported dentures, patients will not need to adapt their diet to their restoration.

Do you brush implant dentures?

Cleaning dentures daily with fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush is essential. It is important to clean both the implant attachments and the dentures. This will remove plaque and any food residue, and reduce the risk of staining.

Who is a candidate for implant-supported dentures?

The best candidates for implant-supported dentures are those who are missing teeth, have teeth that are severely decaying or damaged beyond repair, or a combination of both. The key is that patients must have enough bone density to sustain a dental implant or be willing to get a bone graft if they do not have enough.

What is the difference between All-on-4 and implant-supported dentures?

An economical way to replace missing teeth is using implant-supported dentures, which are less expensive than All-on-4. To prevent sunken features brought on by tooth loss, implants improve bone health and prevent bone loss. The All-on-4 procedure involves four implants, which makes it a more durable procedure, however, depending on your needs, implant-secured dentures may be enough. If you have questions about which procedure is best for you, call our office.

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