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The dental implant process is a team effort with a patient’s dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist. Dr. D. Bradley Dean is a periodontist in Plano, TX, placing many quality dental implants. Dr. Dean accepts referrals from general dentists from the surrounding areas and works closely with them throughout the process. The dental implants process in our Plano, TX office, from evaluation to securing the dental restoration, can take five to eight months. Many patients don’t experience a disruption to their daily lives during this process.

Dental implants are high-quality restorations that improve the look, feel, and function of your teeth. Whether you have one missing tooth or all of your teeth missing, implants can help. Our office provides implants to secure crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Your implant process may vary slightly depending on the restoration you choose. If you are missing full arches of teeth, we can provide a restoration in a day with All-on-Four. This treatment uses as few as four dental implants to secure a missing tooth arch.

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The Dental Implants Process in Plano, TX

There are multiple stages of the implant process. While this process can take months, it’s worth it for many patients. Dental implants are permanent and help ensure restorations last longer without constant replacements.

Evaluation and Pre-Treatment

The first step in the dental implant process is a comprehensive evaluation. Your oral surgeon and periodontist will determine if implants are the right option for you. Dr. Dean will take X-rays to evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw. Then, Dr. Dean creates a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs and goals.

Sometimes, you may need additional treatment to prepare for dental implants. We must ensure you are in good oral health. Treating tooth decay and gum disease before receiving implant treatment ensures that the implant is healthy and will not fail. While these treatments can add to your total treatment time, they help your implants last.

Implant Surgery

The next step is surgical implantation by Dr. Dean at his Plano, TX, periodontist office. Dr. Dean will perform oral surgery to install the dental implants in a sturdy and stable position.

You must be in the best health so that the implant can heal properly. First, Dr. Dean will numb the treated area. Then, he will insert the titanium implant post into the jaw bone. He will place a healing cap or temporary restoration to cover and protect the implant or implants.

The healing process can take anywhere from three to six months. During this time, your implant post fuses with your jaw bone tissue. This process, called osseointegration, ensures the implant post acts as an artificial root. During regular appointments, the dentist will keep track of your implants as they heal.

Attaching the Abutment

After your implant posts heal, we attach the abutment. This piece will connect the implant to your restoration. It can take time for your gums to heal after we place this piece. 

Making Restorations

While the dental implant is healing, a dental laboratory makes your dental crown, denture, or dental bridge. Technicians create your restoration according to Dr. Dean’s and your dentist’s specifications. Our dentist will take dental impressions so your final restoration looks and feels natural.

Final Restoration

You will return for your final restoration once the dental implant fully fuses with your jawbone. Finally, our dentist will secure the permanent restoration.

How To Care For Dental Implants

Directly after you receive your dental implants, it’s normal to experience sensitivity. While you may fear extreme pain from this treatment, implant surgery is no more painful than a tooth extraction. We will prescribe pain medication to take after your surgery.

At first, you may want to eat softer foods. Gradually, you can work your way up to harder foods. Caring for your new implants will help you get used to your new teeth.

We do not recommend using tobacco products during this process. The nicotine in tobacco restricts the blood vessels. Without enough blood flow to the implant sites, the implants cannot heal properly. Implant failure is common in patients who do not stop smoking or vaping after their implant surgery.

After you receive your crown, bridge, or denture, it’s simple to care for your new teeth. You can care for your implant-supported restorations like natural teeth. Because these restorations are fixed in place, you do not need to remove your restoration.

Sometimes, using a water flosser or interdental floss is easier to clean between your new teeth and gums. However, we can also show you how to use waxed floss to clean your restoration. When brushing, use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid toothpaste with abrasive ingredients that can damage your teeth. 

In addition to an excellent oral hygiene routine, regular dental visits are still essential. We will examine your restoration at regular dental visits and provide thorough cleanings. Keeping restorations clean can prevent problems like tooth decay and gum disease. 

Emergency Dental Implants

Accidents happen all the time. Many people find themselves with a damaged or missing tooth due to an injury to the mouth. Dr. Dean offers emergency dental implants for patients who have lost a tooth or need one removed from the “smile zone.” The smile zone is the front row of teeth everyone sees when you smile.

Missing a tooth in the front of your mouth can impact your oral health and confidence. Receiving emergency dental implants can quickly give you a replacement tooth. 

Learn more about Emergency Dental Implants here.

Get Dental Implants Today

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