Sedation Dentistry FAQs Plano, TX

Do I have the option of being sedated during oral surgery?

Yes. We offer two types of sedation dentistry in our Plano, TX dental office: Oral Sedation and IV Sedation Dentistry. Oral sedation dentistry utilizes prescription medication which is ingested prior to the dental visit to help you feel relaxed. IV Conscious Sedation is carefully controlled in the dental office setting to help you achieve a natural, light “sleep” during your surgery.

Will I feel pain if I choose to use sedation during my treatment?

If you require a local anesthetic, we will give it to you once you are already sedated. That will numb most of the pain and then the sedative will further mask the pain. It will lower your awareness level so that you will feel very little or no pain at all during the procedure.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is completely safe when administered by a trained, licensed, and experienced medical professional. In our Plano, TX dental office, your comfort and safety are our foremost concerns. Dr. Dean utilizes the safest and most reliable sedation methods.

You will be monitored during the entire procedure for your safety. We will discuss your medical history, list of current medications, and any conditions you may have to figure out if you are a good candidate for sedation.

In many cases, IV sedation is preferred over oral sedation dentistry for the following reasons:

  • Safety. IV sedation is quickly reversible with an antidote when necessary. The dosage of medication used in IV sedation is also completely customized and controlled for each individual patient which can be more of a challenge with oral medications.
  • Speed. When medication is delivered intravenously, it begins to take effect almost immediately. The amount of medication can be controlled and consistent throughout the procedure. Dr. Dean can increase or decrease the dosage during treatment to achieve the appropriate level of sedation. With a pill, absorption of the medicine takes 30-45 minutes and you must hope that you will be properly sedated (not under or over sedated).

What are Dr. Dean’s qualifications in sedation dentistry?

In order to offer sedation dentistry in Texas, a dentist must obtain an anesthesia permit through the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. To be licensed to offer IV Sedation Dentistry, Dr. Dean was required to submit to the highest level of standards.

Sedation dentists must be in good standing with the TSBDE. Dr. Dean is required to take 12 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew his anesthesia permit.

Is sedation dentistry covered by dental insurance?

The sedation used in dentistry is often considered optional, a luxury, and not a medical necessity. Most likely, your provider will not cover it. Ultimately, it will depend on your provider and plan.

Most dental insurance policies only cover a certain amount in treatment costs and the cost of the treatment plus sedation will most likely be over that amount. We will answer all your insurance and financial questions before your appointment.