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As a periodontist in Plano, TX, Dr. Bradley Dean knows that it’s important that potential patients know the care they can expect from our office. Patient reviews help to give potential patients that inside look, as well as let us know the things we’re doing right. Below are some patient testimonials about the compassionate care offered in our office.periodontist in plano, texas

Dr. Bradley Dean Testimonials

Hands down the best implant surgeon. My two dental implant surgeries went flawlessly and I could not be happier.

-Evgeniya Bobkova

So blessed to have been referred to this office after an ordeal getting a tooth extracted. The staff is so kind and sweet and Dr. Dean is an angel! He really helped put my mind and heart at ease before we started the procedure. He was gentle and I was amazed at how fast and efficient he was. Jen was also awesome! These two really made my day today! Before I saw Dr. Dean today, I was sent to another place yesterday. The doctor there was very passive-aggressive, insisting that I be put under for the procedure. My discernment and intuition told me, “HECK NO!!!” 😂 So glad I listened to my intuition. Don’t think twice! Dr. Dean is amazing and you’re in great hands!! Thank you, Dr. Dean and staff! All my love and blessings!

-Jessica F.

From the minute you enter the office until you leave you will be treated friendly and with the utmost respect. The quality of work is second to none and the staff is the best. The appointments run on time! I would recommend this practice to anyone.

-Garrett Stacey

Dr. Dean and his team are terrific. Since the summer of 2016, I’ve seen them on two occasions for oral surgery, plus semi-annual cleanings. Everything has been fully explained and the results have been ideal. Their competence, their genuine care for me as a patient, and their ability to make me smile each time I come in are deeply appreciated.

-Bob McGregor

Dr. Dean and his staff are kind, patient, warm, and professional. They walked me through many months of pain and discomfort until I was mentally prepared to have the oral surgery necessary to finally correct the problem permanently. They were all aware of how terrified I was during the many months of hand-holding and always went out of their way to make me feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Dean and will only go to him if the need arises in the future.

-Barb Foster

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