Stress and Oral Health

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, the stress in America has increased. You may know that stress can impact both your physical and mental health. But do you know exactly how it can affect your oral health, particularly? Dr. Bradley Dean, a periodontist in Plano, TX, advises you on what you should look at for with stress on your oral stress and anxiety treatment

Decreased Immune Response

One of the biggest things about stress is that it contributes to a decreased immune response. This means you’re more susceptible to things like oral infections and gum disease. With oral bacterial infections, you may notice red or white spots, sores, or ulcers in your mouth. Use warm salt water rinses to keep the area clean and antiseptic oral gel if you have any. Take over the counter pain relievers if you need pain relief.

If you notice your gums are bleeding or more tender than normal, you’re experiencing early signs of gum disease. The inflammation from gum disease can decrease your immune response even more. Your body gets so focused on fighting the inflammation that it leaves room for other infections or diseases to take hold.

In addition, bleeding gums create openings for the bacteria from the gum disease to enter your bloodstream. That bacteria can then travel to other areas of your body. It’s important to keep up your regular oral healthcare routine throughout this time to ensure that your smile isn’t suffering when the crisis is over.

Strain and Pressure on Teeth

With more stress comes more habits like teeth grinding and clenching. This can have all sorts of impacts on your teeth. It can be anything from a small chip or crack to a severe break that may require the removal of your tooth. TMJ disorders and other issues can become prevalent due to this as well.

If you require the removal of a tooth, our office specializes in providing multiple types of dental implants. They’re the most natural form of tooth replacement, replacing both the crown and root of the tooth. They can help you get your smile back, with dental crowns that’ll be color-matched to the rest of your teeth.

Your Periodontist in Plano, Texas

We’ll be here to help you with any problems that have arisen due to stress and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future. We hope to see you soon!