Do You Have A Gummy Smile?

gummy smile treatment in Plano, TXGummy smiles can make people feel self-conscious about sharing their smiles. When the gum line covers too much of the tooth, it can cause a disturbance in the balance of the smile. Plano, TX periodontist Dr. Bradley Dean provides treatment options to restore the aesthetics and function to gummy smiles.

Periodontist Dr. Dean uses state of the art dental technology along with his experience and natural artistic eye to help patients restore the health and beauty to their smile. As with many cosmetic dental concerns, gummy smiles can also present oral health concerns. Gum health is essential to your overall oral health and to your well-being and quality of life.

Gum Lift

For patients who have a low gum line, a gum lift can restore balance to your smile. A surgical procedure, Dr. Dean will make small incisions in the gum line. Then, he will use a special tool to gently push the gum line up to reveal more of the tooth. Dr. Dean has years of experience conducting gum lifts and knows how to provide a natural looking aesthetic.

Crown Lengthening

If your gummy smile is a result of wear or damage to your teeth, Dr. Dean can offer treatments to lengthen the crown of the tooth. Years of teeth grinding or an accident can shorten teeth and create an imbalance in the aesthetics of your smile.

If your smile appears “gummy” due to damage or wear of your teeth, it is particularly essential to seek treatment. Worn or damaged teeth make you more susceptible to developing gum disease, tooth decay or even tooth loss.

Dr. Dean will discuss your treatment options with you to determine which procedure will best restore the aesthetics and health of your smile. To restore damaged teeth Dr. Dean may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Dental crowns
  • Tooth bonding
  • Dental veneers

Contact Periodontist Dr. Bradley Dean

It is important to feel confident in your smile. If the aesthetics of your smile are holding you back from living and smiling confidently, contact our Plano, TX dentist office or schedule a consultation online. Dr. Bradley Dean is a board certified periodontist and brings years of experience to each of his patients. Dr. Dean understands the complexities of gum health and the importance of health and cosmetic concerns.