What are Zygoma Dental Implants?

There is a good chance you know about dental implants, but have you read about the new Zygoma dental implants? 

As dental technology continues to advance, new and innovative implant techniques and materials are being developed to improve the dental implant process. For patients who experience bone deterioration as a result of tooth loss, dental implants have historically been challenging to place without extensive bone grafting. Zygoma dental implants were designed to provide dental implants to this very demographic.  Plano, TX oral surgeon Dr. Bradley Dean offers Zygoma dental implants for patients with compromised bone structure.

zygoma dental implants in Plano Texas

Zygoma Dental Implants- What’s The Difference?

Traditional dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone. The small, titanium post is positioned into the empty root socket and left to heal and fuse with the bone forming a secure and lasting bond. Titanium dental implant posts are designed to integrate with the jawbone and help to support long-term stability and facial integrity.  These implants require substantial healthy bone tissue for success.

Zygoma dental implants are surgically placed in the cheek bone above the jaw. This allows patients with weak or deteriorating jaw bone material to receive the benefits of dental implants. Patients overall health and condition of their oral health will still be considered when choosing Zygoma implants. Zygoma implants can be used to secure a dental bridge or full denture. The style of restoration will be determined by the placement and number of missing teeth.

Dental implants help support long-term oral stability and promote improved overall oral health. Dental implant secured dental restorations also help to improve a patients self-confidence and quality of life. Patients who receive implants are able to enjoy a varied and healthy diet without restriction and can smile with confidence.