Can I Treat Gum Disease Without Surgery?

With advancements in dental technology, there are now better ways to treat gum disease without the need for invasive gum surgery.

Plano, TX periodontist Dr. Bradley Dean offers non-surgical gum treatments for moderate to advanced gum disease treatment. Our state of the art dentist office is equipped with the latest technologies making treating gum disease less invasive as well as more precise and effective.

Can I Treat Gum Disease Without Surgery?

Alternatives to Gum Surgery: Treating Gum Disease With Modern Dentistry

  • Waterlase laser dentistry- Laser dentistry has revolutionized the way dentists treat soft tissue oral health concerns. High tech dental lasers are able to not only remove the disease-causing bacteria but actually stimulate the body’s natural healing response. The patient enjoys less swelling and bleeding and shorter recovery periods. With laser dentistry, gum surgery can be eliminated. Laser therapy does not require sutures and reduces discomfort and the needs for anesthesia.
  • Perioscopy- Perioscopy can target hard to see and reach deposits that cause bleeding and inflammation in the gums. Using digital video, Dr. Dean can find deep pockets of bacteria for precise treatment. Perioscopy provides a more thorough treatment of gum disease and can help prevent tooth loss.

For some patients, surgery will still be necessary to completely restore oral health. Modern advancements in dental technology have allowed a broader range of patients more conservative treatment options. Dr. Dean will work with patients to form a personalized treatment plan that will provide optimal results for each patient.

It is important to remember that any treatment is more effective when gum disease is caught early.  If you notice any changes in your oral health or in the condition of your gums, be sure to contact Dr. Dean right away. Bleeding, swelling or lose teeth are all common indicators that gum disease has begun to spread.