Can I Receive More Than One Dental Implant?

Millions of Americans struggle with tooth loss and the oral health complications that can arise from this dental scenario. Even after the underlying cause of missing teeth is treated, you should find a tooth replacement solution from your dentist to avoid accruing further dental damage.

Every smile is different, and your tooth loss may have affected more than one of your teeth. Your dentist can provide various types of implants that can restore your unique smile.

Schedule a consultation with an implant dentistry expert to develop a personalized treatment plan to replace your missing teeth. Dr. Bradley Dean, a periodontologist practicing in Plano, TX, describes how your dental professional can help you find effective tooth replacement treatment through multiple dental implants.

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How to Treat Tooth Loss

When you are missing teeth, you may notice gaps that disrupt the appearance of your smile as well as a deterioration of your oral function. Your dentist can treat these problems and prevent further decline of the structure of your smile with permanent tooth replacement treatment from dental implants.

The implant process begins with a consultation appointment with your dental professional. They can evaluate the current structure and stability of your smile to determine which implants will work best to help you accomplish your oral health goals.

If tooth loss has caused your jawbone to degenerate, your jaw may not be stable enough to support a dental implant. Your dentist may recommend a bone graft procedure to create more stability in the jawbone that can ultimately serve as a solid foundation for this treatment.

Our Process for Multiple Dental Implants

If you have more than one missing tooth in differing locations in your mouth, you may require more than one dental implant to completely restore your smile. Depending on your oral health, your dentist should be able to place multiple dental implants within one procedure if needed.

Implant dentistry includes oral surgery in which the dentist places a titanium post anchor into the jaw. More than one may be secured according to your unique dental scenario.

When this heals, usually after several weeks, your dentist will secure the permanent prosthetic teeth into place. This could include a dental crown over a single implant, a dental bridge, or an implant-supported denture.

You should follow aftercare instructions from your dentist after this procedure so that you can recover effectively and quickly. Dental implants provide a lifetime of restorative benefits once they are in place. You should see an enhanced appearance to your smile, improved oral capabilities, and the preservation of your facial and dental structure.

Speak to an Implant Dentistry Expert in Plano, TX

Dr. Dean provides multiple types of dental implants to qualified patients in Plano, TX. He is an experienced periodontologist who assists patients with disease and concerns in their gums as well. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 972.666.1594 or reach our staff online.