Bone Regeneration with Dental Implants

Patients with missing teeth can find an ideal tooth replacement solution with dental implants. Implants can enhance your smile’s appearance as well as restore oral functions that may have been affected by tooth loss.

Dental implants can also improve the health of your jawbone. Dr. Bradley Dean, a periodontist in Plano, TX, describes how dental implants positively impact the health of bone in your jaw.

dental implants and jawbone health in Plano Texas

Dental Implants and Jawbone Health

What Happens to Jawbone After Tooth Loss?

In a healthy dental patient, the root of the tooth extends through the gums and into the jaw. This root stimulates the jawbone and keeps the bone strong.

When patients lose teeth, the jaw loses its stimulus, and without the root’s presence, the bone in the jaw begins to deteriorate. The weakened jaw can lead to issues with tooth and jaw alignment, and loss of structure in the face can create the appearance of sagging.

How Can Dental Implants Restore Jawbone?

A dental implant features a titanium post that is surgically placed into the jaw. Once this heals, the dentist secures a prosthetic tooth or crown to an abutment at the gumline that attaches to this post.

The post replaces the missing tooth root and recreates the stimulation to the jawbone. This stops bone loss in the jaw and also encourages any bone that has already deteriorated to regenerate, restoring jawbone health. Other tooth replacement treatments may only substitute teeth at the gumline, which does not treat bone loss in the jaw.

Can My Jaw Support Dental Implants?

In order for dental implants to be successful, the patient must have a strong enough jawbone to support the implant. If too much bone has already deteriorated due to tooth loss, the patient may not have enough foundation to receive dental implants.

If this is the case, your dentist may suggest a bone graft to add more foundation to the jaw and create a more stable environment that can support dental implants. Your dentist may also suggest an alternative tooth replacement solution for you if this is not a viable option.

Dental Implants and More in Plano, TX

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