The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows you to be relaxed and calm throughout your entire dental procedure. But do you know the many benefits that sedation dentistry has and the number of people it can help? Dr. Bradley Dean, a sedation dentist in Plano, TX, discusses the many benefits of sedation dentistry.plano, texas sedation dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

At our office, Dr. Dean provides both oral and IV sedation. Oral sedation is a prescribed pill that you take about an hour before your procedure. It relaxes you, but you’ll still be able to control breathing and answer questions if asked. You may fall asleep during the procedure or be unable to remember parts of it. Since oral sedation can take a long time to wear off, you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV sedation is administered directly through your bloodstream to put you into a deep state of relaxation. It’s not designed to put you completely to sleep, but you may relax enough to do so. You won’t be aware of the treatment being done and will forget after the procedure is over. Once the IV is removed, the side effects wear off quickly and you’ll have fewer of them.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Most commonly, sedation dentistry is touted as a remedy for those who have dental fear and anxiety. Those with dental anxiety have a fear of the dentist that may be extreme. Some people with this condition avoid going to the dentist at all for regular care, which can lead to more extensive oral heal problems down the road. Sedation dentistry allows them to stay calm during regular dental work and more extensive procedures.

Sedation dentistry is also ideal for children and people with certain medical conditions when they need a bigger procedure. It may be impossible for those with specific medical conditions to sit still for long periods of time while they get something like a surgical procedure for dental implants. Sedation allows them to get the treatment they need, in a safe manner.

Sedation dentistry is beneficial for those that have a bad gag reflex. If the dentist has to be working in your mouth for a long time, it’s difficult for a gag reflex to be tapered down. Treatment can go smoothly for these patients with sedation. If you don’t handle pain well, sedation can also increase the effectiveness of anesthetic. You’ll have fewer aches and pains after the sedation wears off.

When you get sedation dentistry, no matter what kind of patient you are, more procedures are able to be completed at one time. This is particularly helpful for patients that have dental anxiety or those that struggle to come into the dentist because of their busy schedules. It makes it easier for the dentist to get things done quicker than without sedation.

Your Sedation Dentist in Plano, Texas

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