Why You Should Address Crooked Teeth Immediately

Address Crooked Teeth in Plano TexasCrooked Teeth do not just look bad as they can cause a laundry list of issues involving your oral health. We have listed in detail below what crooked teeth can to your oral health and mental health. If you are under the impression that crooked teeth are simply a cosmetic issue and do not have a priority to be fixed immediately, please think again. If you ignore your crooked teeth, you will ultimately end up costing yourself more money in the long run as most of the issues caused by crooked teeth are very serious.

Issues Caused By Crooked Teeth

  • Tooth Decay & Cavities
    • Let’s face it; crooked teeth are difficult to clean as crooked teeth will cause spaces and gaps within your teeth that give bacteria and food a place to in your mouth. The leftover food will turn into bacteria that causes tooth decay which will then cause you to get cavities. Cavities – depending on the severity of the cavity, it will either need to be filled or removed completely.
  • Gingivitis / Gum Disease
    • Just with tooth decay and cavities, your crooked teeth will cause gaps and spaces within your teeth which will also cause the same spaces along your gum line. Instead of tooth decay and cavities, this bacteria will grow on your gums causing Gingivitis, which is the beginning stages of gum disease. If ignored, gingivitis can turn into a much more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis.
  • Halitosis / Bad Breath
    • Some may say that nothing is as bad as a person with bad breath. We will call it Halitosis, which is just a fancy way to say Bad Breath. If you think your crooked teeth do not look nice, just wait until you experience the way they can smell. All related to what we stated above, this bacteria will not only grow inside your mouth causing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, but it will cause a severe case of bad breath.

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