Recovery After Implant Dentistry

Dental professionals agree that dental implants can provide the most comprehensive and extensive advantages to your smile when it comes to tooth replacement treatment. Though the benefits seem clear, many patients worry about the multi-step process and invasiveness of implant dentistry.

You can schedule a consult with your dentist to learn more about this restorative dental solution. But you can also feel more confident in your treatment when you know that the recovery will not be as bad as you expect. Read on to discover details about what you will experience in the period after you receive a dental implant.

healed single dental implant tooth replacement

What Can I Expect After Receiving a Dental Implant?

How Long Does the Implant Dentistry Procedure Take?

The dental implant process features multiple steps and may require three or more appointments with your dentist to complete. First, you will attend a consultation with your dentist to determine your eligibility for this tooth replacement treatment.

Then you will schedule the oral surgery to receive the anchors for your dental implants. You can receive all the anchors you need for your implants within this one procedure.

After you heal from this surgery, which may take several months, you will return to your dentist to receive the prosthetic teeth and have them attached to the abutments of the anchors. You may need to attend follow-up appointments with your dentist to check the healing and effectiveness of your new implants.

Will the Dental Implant Process Hurt?

Many people worry that the surgery and other dental work involved with dental implants may hurt. But you can feel at ease in the dentist’s chair knowing that the dentist will prioritize your comfort during each step of this process.

You will receive a local anesthetic as well as sedation if you prefer during the oral surgery. This way you can feel calm and also numb during the procedure. The anesthetic blocks nerves from sending pain signals while the sedation will induce a relaxed sensation.

When these medications wear off after the surgery, you might feel sore or uncomfortable as you heal. But your dentist can give you aftercare instructions to ensure you can heal with comfort. For instance, painkillers will ease your discomfort, and icing your jaw can reduce swelling. The placement of the prosthetic teeth will not be a painful procedure.

How Long Will I Experience Restorative Benefits from Implants?

Dental implants are fixed oral appliances, meaning you will not be able to remove them from your mouth on your own. The anchors fuse to the jawbone as you heal, providing permanent support for the dental implants.

With this support and the durable prosthetic teeth, your implants can last twenty years or longer in your smile. Make sure you visit your dentist on a regular basis so that you can keep your mouth healthy with teeth cleanings and oral health exams. The dentist will also check that your implants continue to function and appear properly.