Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth: Preventing Bone Loss

One of the more complex issues that occur as a result of tooth loss is the gradual erosion of the jaw bone. Without the natural tooth root, bone tissue weakens and begins to break down. Bone loss commonly leads to bite alignment and functional issues of the jaw. As bone loss worsens, patients see a regression in the structure of their face.

Finding a more natural way to replace missing teeth has been a key focal point of modern dentistry. The advancements in implant dentistry have enabled patients to enjoy a better quality of life improving both oral and systemic health.

The small metal post of a dental implant mimics the natural tooth root helping to stabilize the bite and regenerate healthy bone tissue. The biocompatible titanium actually fuses with the bone creating a stable bond. New types of implants such as All-on-Four and Zygoma implants have improved the success of implants for patients with varying degrees of bone loss. Dental implants promote improved oral wellness and can prevent the overall deterioration of your smile.

Implant Secured Dentures

Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to secure dentures or dental bridges in place. Implant secure dental restorations are less likely to slip out of place while chewing or speaking. Implant restorations help patients enjoy a more natural looking and functioning bite and smile in addition to helping prevent bone loss.

Patients who have an existing ill-fitting denture may benefit from the addition of dental implants. Pretreatment planning helps Dr. Bradley dean strategically place implants that will support the denture long term. Patients with dental implant supported dentures enjoy a boost in confidence and improved oral health.