Dental Anxiety & Tooth Loss

What does dental anxiety have to do with tooth loss?

For some patients, fear of the dentist could be the driving force behind their missing teeth.

Patients who avoid visiting their dentist on a routine basis are more prone to a whole list of complex oral health concerns. Without preventive dentistry in your life, you may run a higher chance of developing gum disease, tooth decay,  and tooth loss, in addition, to experiencing overall failing oral health. Missing teeth and poor oral health can make it difficult to conduct your routine activities including chewing and speaking.

Fear of the dentist often prevents patients from attending routine biannual checkups- often resulting in oral disease and tooth loss. After tooth loss occurs patients with dental anxiety may find it difficult to seek the treatment they need to prevent further deterioration of their oral health including bone loss and facial sagging.

Dental Anxiety treatment in Plano Texas

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Finding ways to control your dental anxiety could help to promote better oral health.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you can be assured that our dental care team will go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit to our Plano, TX dentist office. Our staff caters to the needs of patients who experience fear of the dentist, and offer sedation dentistry options for your total relaxation.

Dr. Dean offers oral sedation and IV sedation options for patients who have a fear of visiting the dentist. Sedation dentistry allows patients to manage their anxiety so that they may receive the preventative or restorative procedures they need to enjoy a healthy smile. Dr. Dean takes into consideration a patients medical history and the procedures they will be receiving when helping patients choose a sedation method.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dr. Bradley Dean, DDS, MS is a highly trained and nationally recognized leader in implant dentistry. Our dentist office helps patients in the Plano, TX area restore their smiles through conservative dentistry and affordable full-service dental implants all under one roof. Our team caters to patients with missing teeth who experience dental anxiety and can help those who have been putting off treating their missing teeth. Dr. Dean handles all aspects of the implant procedure in-house helping to eliminate extra visits to other specialists. Patients will receive personalized care that will exceed their expectations.

Whether you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, Dr. Dean can help you restore your smile. Our Plano, TX implant center offers comprehensive periodontal and implant services. If you are missing teeth or have been away from the dentist for an extended time contact our office to begin restoring your smile.