Laser Technology For Gum Health

pain-free laser dentistry in Plano, TexasIn the past gum surgery was the only treatment option for advanced periodontal disease. Surgery required extensive downtime, bleeding and swelling. Many patients avoided receiving treatment for their gum disease due to the associated anxiety. With recent advancements in dental technology, oral surgery may no longer be necessary to treat your advanced periodontal disease. Plano dentist Dr. Bradley Dean now offers WaterLase for the non-surgical treatment of advanced gum disease.

What is WaterLase Laser?

Waterlase is a state of the art dental laser technology. Waterlase allows Dr. Dean to use a small laser light to effectively remove disease causing bacteria. The laser is moved along the gums and eradicates bacteria that causes the swelling and discomfort associated with gum disease. The minimally invasive laser is able to keep the tooth hydrated which helps to reduce associated pain.

There are many pros of choosing the Waterlase dental procedure as an alternative to gum surgery. Dr. Dean will discuss all treatment options available to you during your personal consultation. Dr. Dean focuses on each patient’s individual needs and will offer conservative dental treatments that will best achieve your goals and offer you optimal oral health.

Pros of Waterlase in Plano, TX

  • No Drills: Many patients have fear of the dentist due to dental drills. Waterlase uses no drilling, only a quiet laser. Many patients feel less anxious when receiving laser dentistry.
  • Reduced Downtime: Dr. Dean knows how valuable your time is. Waterlase is less invasive than traditional gum surgery which means you need less post procedure down time.
  • Less Swelling and Bleeding: Waterlase creates less swelling and bleeding of the gums than gum surgery. With Waterlase no stitches are needed which reduces discomfort.
  • Stop Gum Disease: Waterlase can control the bacteria that causes gum disease. Controlling your gum disease can improve your oral health, and the health of your entire body.

Gum disease should not be taken lightly. A serious medical and oral health condition, it is imperative to have gum disease treated. Many patients ignore the early signs of gum disease allowing the bacterial infection to spread and advance. If you suffer from any stage of gum disease, Dallas periodontist Dr. Dean offers state of the art dental treatment options for periodontal disease. Contact our Plano, TX dentist office to schedule a consultation.