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What are my options for treating gum disease?

Gum disease is a prevalent oral health condition affecting nearly 80% of patients. 

Gum disease is a progressive disease and many studies show gum disease to be a leading factor in additional oral and systemic health problems. If you have recently been diagnosed with gum disease, or you have noticed that your gums are swollen or bleed regularly while brushing or flossing- contact periodontist Dr. Bradley Dean.

Plano, TX periodontist Dr. Bradley Dean provides surgical and non-surgical techniques for treating varying stages of periodontal disease. There have been great strides in dental technology. Laser dentistry and microscopic video technology have allowed for less invasive treatment options for mild to moderate cases of periodontists. Surgical techniques are still commonly used in cases where gum disease has caused advanced damaged to the teeth and gums.

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Surgical Gum Disease Treatments

    Osseous surgery is a surgical procedure used to reduce the pocket depth created by bacteria in the gum line. The osseous surgery aims to prevent the future build up of plaque and bacteria. Sometimes called gum pocket surgery, Dr. Dean smoothes and reshapes the affected bone, reducing the size and depth of the gum pocket.
    Left untreated, periodontal disease commonly leads to the loss of jaw bone density. Bone loss can cause the loosening of teeth, shifting of teeth or even tooth loss. Periodontal bone grafting helps regenerate lost bone and promote a healthier, more beautiful smile.
    Gum recession is common in advanced cases of gum disease. Gum recession can lead to exposed tooth roots and tooth sensitivity and loss. A gum graft surgery will repair the defect and prevent future gum recession and/or bone loss.

Non Surgical Treatments

    Laser dentistry is a revolutionary technique that can be used to address periodontal disease without surgery. Laser dentistry reduces the pain, side effects and downtime associated with traditional treatments and procedures. The Waterlase dental laser enables Dr. Dean to treat and repair damaged or diseased gum tissue that may have previously required oral surgery.
    Utilizing digital video technology, Dr. Dean is able to diagnose and treat areas below the gum line without the discomfort, swelling or downtimes of traditional gum surgery. This miniature dental endoscope magnifies tooth anatomy in high detail, revealing deposits that would be otherwise hidden below the gum line.